How To Apply

Some things to bear in mind

In order to apply to join us you must be – based in London, subscribe to Spotlight and have up to date headshots. Also you would ideally be in a show or at least have an up to date showreel to give us a chance to see your work.

Before applying please bear in mind, as part of the coop, when you are not on an acting job you will be working as an agent in the office (currently one full day per week) you are also required to

  • attend monthly meetings
  • see shows of both existing Clients and Applicants
  • read plays for Casting recommendations
  • generally be conscious of the needs of the Agency

To Apply

Having considered these points, if you’d like to proceed please contact us at –

Make it clear in your application that you understand we are a Coop and the commitment that entails.

Also let us know if there is a show you are in that we can see and have a showreel for us to look at.

We will have a decision for you 2 weeks from your application date.